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How To: View zip folder files in your iPad. USA, LLC

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By default it is not possible to open zip files on your iPad, but with this simple tutorial you can open zip files in your iPad. For doing this, you'll need the GoodReader ( reading app (or any other file reading app) available in the Apple App Store ( Then follow the given below steps to open and read zip files on your iPad.

# Open GoodReader and give it your email server information. At the bottom right side there is Connect to Servers; choose and Add it. Give it your credentials and server info and now you are ready to access the email attachment.

# Tap your email server that will be listed under Connect to Servers after you add it. A window will pop up on the left with your email folders.

# Tap the zip file and it will start downloading in the "Web Downloads" section.

# Tap OK and close the Email popup.

# Tap on Web Downloads and you will see the progress if it is a large file. Small files may be done before you go into the Web Downloads section. Once you open Web Downloads, on the left will be a list of all the downloaded attachments. It can handle a large number of file formats.

# Tap the new zip file this will offer to unzip the file.

# Choose Unzip and then find the file or folder that is unzipped.

# That's it, you can now view the files in your iPad.

NOTE: If you are trying to open a file from a web link or site, then instead of going into the Connect to Server part of GR, tap on Web Downloads and either open the built in browser by tapping Browse the Web and go to the site with the download or tap Enter URL and enter the address of the file you want to download.

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