Saturday, May 8, 2010

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A chaotic situation prevailed at Jehangir Hospital on Wednesday after its nursing staff started an agitation.

About 300 nurses, including men and women, started protesting and sat at the entrance of the hospital preventing movement of vehicles to and from the hospital.

The nursing staff alleged that they were forced to agitate because of the rude behaviour of the matron and medical services director.

A male nursing staff, Siby, claimed that the hospital management locked their hostel rooms. "Those who were off duty were relaxing in their rooms after a gruelling night shift, but they were asked to leave the rooms. Some of them who want to leave the hospital are being denied experience certificates," he alleged.

Some nurses complained that they were not being paid for overtime duty. Some said they were not absorbed permanently even after completing two years of service.

Senior marketing manager of the hospital Sainath Pradhan told DNA that a lady nurse was denied an experience letter because she wanted the medical superintendent's signature on it. "It is not in our protocol," he added.

He denied allegations about the payments not being given for overtime duty. "The issues have been solved and they have returned to work," he said.

The hospital's director of medical services, Dr Prasad Muglikar, said their demands were not that serious and it was purely an administrative issue. "The nursing staff must remember that by organising such agitations they put patients' lives at stake," he added.

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