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Before you print a single picture, decide what type of album you want. The simplest have plastic sheets divided into compartments that hold photos. Another easy option is a print-it-yourself album: Remove the pages, print images from your home printer, then put them back in the album. The trickiest type is also the most professional-looking: It requires securing pictures with photo corners or adhesive (shown above).

Leather photo album, Karleigh Jae, $95;


Don't expect to get this project done in a day--organizing and assembling the perfect album could take a few weeks


2 Plan each page

Once you've had your favorite pictures printed, lay them out in the order you want them to appear in your album. Use the floor or another clean, flat surface where you'll have lots of space. Work chronologically, beginning with shots of you and your bridesmaids getting ready and ending with you and your groom leaving the reception. Big moments, like exchanging vows and the first dance, could get their own page, while photos of guests mingling can be grouped. After all your photos have a place, take digital snapshots of each "page" for reference when assembling.

Have it embossed with your names and wedding date!

EASY AS 1, 2, 3

This album comes with pre-sized slots for your photos. Insert your favorite pictures in the plastic sleeves and you're done!

Goatskin photo album, Graphic Image, $142;

3 Preserve your work

Take these steps to ensure your album stands the test of time:

* Use acid-free, archival-quality materials (many are available at That includes everything from the glue to the album itself. If adding a newspaper clip of your wedding announcement, treat with archival spray first.

* Store your album in an acid-free box (from Keep in a dark, dry place away from heat sources.

* Back up the digital images you took of each "page" on a CD or hard drive, and stash it in a safety deposit box. You'll be able to re-create your album in case of a flood, fire or other disaster.

Silk shantung photo album, crane & Co., $45;


Four things you should ask before hiring a photographer

1 Can I print my own photos?

Ask potential shooters up front if you'll be able to make your own album. If they insist on doing it for you, move on.

2 Will I own the rights to my wedding photos?

Don't sign a contract without making sure it states that you will own the rights to your photos and be given digital negatives of every shot.

3 What's the retouching fee?

In addition to the base fee for shooting on your wedding day, many photographers are willing to "finish" 50 to 100 photos at extra cost. (Trust us--it's worth it.)

4 How will I receive my photos?

Most photographers will give you a disk or flash drive with all the images from the day.


Keep these items handy when creating your own album


Hold fast without the mess. Dot 'n Go dispenser, Glue Dots, $8;


Give albums a classic look. Self-stick photo corners, Everyday Archives, $4;


Use this to center photos. Plastic T square, Helix, $8;


Keep pictures fingerprint-free. Self-adhesive photo sleeves, Jenni Bick Bookbinding, $8;

FOR STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS on how to place photos perfectly, go to

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